Heidi Julavits Interview | The Lit ShowSeason 05
Episode 06
Air date: Monday March 26th at 3 PM CST.

On this Lit Show, Heidi Julavits discusses her new novel, The Vanishers. Julavits is author of three previous books, The Uses of Enchantment (2006), The Effect of Living Backwards (2003), and The Mineral Palace (2000). We talked about psychic self-defense, toxic relationships, and how to achieve taut energy in narrative–as well as her experiences as a founding co-editor of the The Believer.

Julavits’s short stories have appeared in Harper’s, Esquire, the Best American Short Stories, Zoetrope, among other places. Her nonfiction has appeared in the New York Times, Elle, and the Best American Travel Essays. In addition to her work for The Believer, she’s the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, and was a finalist for the New York Public Library Young Lions Fiction Award. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, Ben Marcus, and their two children.

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