On this Lit Show, Roxane Gay discusses her prolific body of work, the perils of frequent publication, and her two upcoming books: a novel, An Untamed State, and essay collection, Bad Feminist.

It would be hard to keep up with the online literary world and not be constantly running into Gay’s byline. She is everywhere. Her heavily anthologized fiction and essays have appeared in VQR, American Short Fiction, McSweeney’s, Melville Housemud lusciousThe Indiana Review, and dozens of other venues. Her criticism appears in the New York Times and on the Wall Street Journal’s website, where she reviews and live-blogs reality TV, including and especially ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. She is a frequent contributor to HTMLGIANT, Salon, Bookslut, and The Rumpus, where she is the essays editor. She is also the co-editor of [PANK] Magazine.

Gay’s works have earned her fourteen Pushcart nominations the last three years. She is, in other words, one of contemporary literature’s most prolific voices, and she is this year’s Writer-in-Residence at the Mission Creek Festival taking place from April 2 – April 7 in Iowa City. Unsurprisingly, she maintains an active online presence, tweeting here, and blogging on tumblr and on her website, I Have Become Accustomed to Rejection.

Interview by Ben Mauk.


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